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The KH Beauty Group Facial Waxing and Tinting course is for all salons and freelancers wanting to learn and perfect waxing of the upper lip, eyebrow wax techniques and eyebrow tinting.  On this one day course you will also learn how to wax the nose, ears and lower face, and you will spend time focusing on the eyebrows.  Our waxing and tinting expert trainer will teach you not only how to wax them the right way, but how to precision pluck correctly.  You will also learn the art of tinting and shown all the tricks to contour the colour correctly.

What makes it better than other wax and tint courses?

We use Apraise eyelash and eyebrow tinting products, which are among the best on the market.  The colours last, look great and are easy and simple to use.  They offer a fantastic range of colour options – 5 in total.

Apraise lash tints

Training Information

The Glo Beauty Academy facial waxing and tinting course is a ½ day training course and takes place at our elite beauty training academy in Hertfordshire.  You will learn:

  • Contraindications
  • Health and safety
  • Patch testing
  • Bleaching?
  • How to use the Apraise eyebrow and eyelash tints
  • How to precision pluck the brows
  • The art of nose, ear and lower face waxing

At the end of the training and on qualification you will receive certification.

How much does training cost?

Training: £99 inc VAT.

Training takes place in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.  Call 01462 422488 or email beauty@keriehoy.com for more information or to book.

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