Make-up Contouring for Non-Professionals


If you want to learn the art of contouring for yourself, then why not book yourself on a make-up contouring course?  If you want to look younger, lift your face, sculpture your look and feel your best, then you will love this make-up contouring course. The step by step demonstration on contouring your face is suitable for anyone – no experience needed!

With various skin tones and face shapes,  the teacher will work with you so that you are confident and happy when you walk out of this make-up masterclass on how to use a palette. You will be shown how to apply your foundation, from choosing the right colour foundation, priming, highlighting and shading, and then to finish, how to apply your blusher.  We will even offer you tips on how to create perfect brows!

The facial make-up contouring course will teach you how make your nose look smaller and cheek bones sharper naturally.

This make-up class is ideal to attend alone or as a day out with friends.  You really will enjoy this course, and will go away looking like a million dollars.

Training Information

A 3 hour make-up contouring masterclass.  Bring your own foundation, powder and brushes.  There is the opportunity on the day to buy from the range of makeup products on offer

How much does it cost?

£99 (inclusive of VAT)

Bring your foundations and highlighters. Your own specific Kryolan Palette will be available to purchase on the day.

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