This is where you learn all the skills on how to bleach back the brow and use a colour chart to match the brow to the colour of the client’s hair. New to the UK and ideal for when clients have coloured their hair a completely different colour they can now have their brows changed to match. Depending on whether you are naturally cold or warm in colouring will determine what colour is applied.

  • Brow lightening up to 3 to 4 shades
  • Proper use of colour mixing
  • Pre pigging the brow and colour washing the brow
  • Client consultation, contraindications, skin tone, hair colour and age
  • 5. Colour correction how to use the red and green tints for this process
  • Colour chart and colour wheel 
  • Colour tint mix chart
  • Designing a new colour for client Bespoke mixing
  • Proper brow shaping, measuring and styling this part very important we could roll the brow buddy in to here?
  • Using tweezers correctly.

This is an excellent treatment for any salon or hairdresser.

Training           £150 plus vat

Kit                    £175 plus vat

Brow Colouring and Flash Extensions

An amazing course for the Elite Brow Artist.This truly is the creme de la creme of courses, when you feel you know it all This will blow your mind!

You will learn how to enhance the brow with extensions, with an array of colours to match the brow. When the client does not want semi permanent make up and has tried every product for growth, this hair will last for a week. If you want to make your brows thicker for a special occasion then this is super.

We do not want you to have glue on your brows that lasts for 4 weeks and gets blocked and feels dirty. We want you to have fun and this system brings that.

The second part of the course is the colouring system for brows, with bleaching and learning how to colour brows exactly to what you require.

Both systems are the future of brows, and with us we will guide you all the way.

Training and starter kit £599 plus vat

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