Ah the 80′s! Everything was big! Big hair, big shoulder pads and big brows! Last year, we saw the 80′s power brow as made famous by the likes of the supermodel elite Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields, revived to the forefront of the beauty trends. And luckily with the array of products available to fake the look until you make it, you’ll be set to work big brows in all their glory in 2014.


Whilst Cara Delevingne is still the queen of power brows, other celebrities who have embraced the ‘more is more’ brow trend include Anne Hathaway, Lily Collins and Emmy Rossum.

This almost rugged brow look is best complimented with flawless skin and natural, barely there makeup. Think of the bold brow as the new bold lip!

Some key Billion Dollar Brow products that we recommend to get bigger brows is firstly, the Brow Boost to encourage your brows to grow in-between treatments. This miracle potion that you apply to your eyebrows daily gives amazing results after 30 days so if you start now, you’ll be sporting a pair of naturally full brows by the spring.

Other products include the Universal Brow Pencil and the Brow Powders, both of which can be used to fill in the brows to create slightly different finishes depending on what you’re going for. The great thing about all our products is that they look natural (no ‘drawn on’ eyebrows here at Billion Dollar Brows!) and no matter what your skin tone and brow colour, we have something within the range that will work for you.

So give us a call on 01462 422488 to get booked in and whilst carrying out your treatment, we can give you some top tips on how to create the super trendy bold brow that is completely unique to you!