We’re really excited to now be offering Botox at the Kerie Salon a few times per month. So we thought we’d explain a bit about how it works if you’re curious to know more.

The correct name for Botox is Botulinum Toxin, which when injected into the skin temporarily paralyses muscle activity. So that is why Botox is most commonly used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Some of the main areas you can treat with Botox include -:

– The frown lines between the eyebrows

– Crow’s feet – the lines that spread out from the corners of the eyes

– Forehead furrows – the horizontal lines that form when you raise your eyebrows

It is extremely important that any Botox procedure must be carried out under a doctor’s care and when you are searching for someone, don’t automatically go with the person who offers the cheapest price as this suggests the ingredients won’t be the best quality. There are many nurses and even beauticians who offer Botox and we highly recommend you don’t go down this road, as they may not be qualified to even carry out the procedure.

The effect of Botox is incredible and long lasting with the correct expert and so it is vital that you go to someone who is renowned, comes recommended or has fantastic reviews. Dr Amin is one of those people and has carried out Kerie’s Botox a number of times. She trusts him implicitly and is always delighted with the effect of her Botox treatments, which you can hear her talk about here.

We’re excited to say that Dr Amin is back in the salon this Friday 25th April from 4pm so if you are keen and would like to book for a consultation, please contact us on 01462 422488 or you can reach Kerie personally on 07956632188. The prices vary from £180 for one area, £240 for 2 areas and £300 for 3 areas and Dr Amin will speak to you about the specifics and his recommendations following your consultation.