Is there a femme fatale hidden within your client, just waiting to express herself?

From glittering Grace to Beyoncé the blue, vivacious violet to raunchy ruby, the Belmacil  women are a colourful crowd !

Dispense with the dull, ignite your imagination and transform your clients look. From the subtle, to the daring , Belmacil Lash and Brow tints can help you unleash your clients potential and reveal a true character .

 Offer your clients more ways to banish the boring than ever before, with the extensive range of eyelash tints. A superior Swiss formulation and eleven luxurious colours to choose from including black , blue black , dark brown , light brown , honey brown , graphite , blue , violet ,red and green. You can create an individual look look for everyone of your clients.

The larger tubes now offer an incredible 100 plus application per tube .

Our colour chart includes recommendations for the most effective results across a range of hair types.


The range of accessories include

Tint Prices       £10 plus vat

Oxidant           £11 plus vat

Belmacil 2 in 1 tint and eye make up remover

Belmacil shield protective balm a natural product

Belmacil 2 in 1 tint mixing dish with brush rest

Belmacil soothe gentle eye balm

Belmacil  silk lash gel conditioner

Application brush

Eyebrow brush and comb

Kidney dishes

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